Units of measure

Units of measure

eCargo can represent different units of measure.

There are different ways of specifying the units of measure, depending on whether the unit is displayed in a user interface or API. The names for some of these units of measure have changed over time, and some units have been deprecated because they are either no longer relevant or duplicate another unit.

The different units of measure in the tables below are used in:

  1. Invoicing: The invoicing / manual charge pages.
  2. Premium: eCargo Premium.
  3. Legacy APIs: Legacy APIs, manual charges, rates import CSV, and the admin pages.
  4. New APIs: New APIs and consignment import CSV.

Using these tables

The documentation for the API you’re using will tell you whether you need the new API unit of measure or the legacy API unit of measure. You can then map from the codes you see in Premium or other APIs that you use to the correct codes for your API.

Preferred units of measure

Where possible, use the units of measure in this table:

Invoicing Premium Legacy APIs New APIs Display name
Aus-GPA pallets Aus-GPA Aus GPA aus-gpa-pallet Aus GPA pallets
Bags Bags Bags bag Bag
Bales Bales Bales bale Bale
Boxes Boxes Boxes box Box
Bundle Bundle BUN bundle Bundle
Cartons Cartons Cartons carton Carton
Cases Cases Cases case Case
Chep plts Chep Chep plts chep-pallet Chep
cm³ Cubic centimetre cm³ CCM cm3 cm³
Per Consignment Per Consignment consignment Per consignment
Cntnrs Cntnrs Cntnrs container Container
Days Days 10 day Day
Displays Displays dsp display Display
dm³ Cubic decimetre dm³ CDM dm3 dm³
Dble-Stk Dble-Stk DST double-stack Double stack
Each Each Each each Each
Export plt Export Export plt export-pallet Export pallet
XLge Plts XLge XLge Plts extra-large-pallet Extra large pallet
FoodCaps FoodCaps FoodCaps foodcap Foodcap
Gram Gram G g Gram
Half-Lifts Half-Lifts Half-Lifts half-lift Half lift
High-Pallet High-Pallet PF-HR high-pallet High pallet
hours hours hours hour Hour
Kilogram Kilogram KG kg Kilogram
Lge Plts Lge Lge Plts large-pallet Large pallet
Lifts Lifts Lifts lift Lift
Load Load Load load Load
Lng Pcks 3.6m Lng Lng Pcks 3.6m long-pack Long pack
Loscam plts Loscam Loscam plts loscam-pallet Loscam
Low-Pallet Low-Pallet PF-LR low-pallet Low pallet
Metre Metre M m Metre
m² Square metre M2 m2
m³ Cubic metre M3 m3
MaxLength MaxLength Max Length max-length Max length
Med Plts Med Med Plts medium-pallet Medium pallet
NZ-Export pallets NZ-Export NZ Export nz-export-pallet NZ Export pallets
Packs Packs Packs pack Pack
Packer Pallets Packer Packers packer-pallet Packer pallet
Pkts Pkts Pkts packet Packet
Pallets Pallets Plts pallet Pallet
Panel Panel PAN panel Panel
Pieces Pieces Pieces piece Piece
Polybins Polybins Polybins polybin Polybin
Reels Reels Reels reel Reel
Roll Roll ROL roll Roll
Sheet Sheet ZSH sheet Sheet
Shrt Pcks 2.4m Shrt Shrt Pcks 2.4m short-pack Short pack
Skid Skid Skid skid Skid
Sml Plts Sml Sml Plts small-pallet Small pallet
Ties Ties Ties tie Tie
Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes tonne Tonne
Truck Truck Truck truck Truck
TnT TnT T&T truck-and-trailer-load Truck and trailer load
Units Units Units unit Unit

Deprecated units of measure

These units of measure are still supported by eCargo, but should be avoided if possible:

Invoicing Premium Legacy APIs New APIs Display name
Box Box KI box-do-not-use Box
BB Container BB BB break-bulk-container-do-not-use Break bulk container
Case Case CSE case-do-not-use Case
Each Each ZEA each-do-not-use Each
Each Each EA each-do-not-use-2 Each
FEU FEU FEU feu-do-not-use FEU
FHC Container FHC FHC fhc-do-not-use FHC
Hectolitre Hectolitre HL hl-do-not-use Hectolitre
Kilograms Kilograms KGS kg-do-not-use Kilogram
m3 m3 Volume(m3) m3-do-not-use
Pack Pack PAK pack-do-not-use Pack
Pack - 2 decimals Pack PCK pack-do-not-use-2 Pack
Pallet Pallet PAL pallet-do-not-use Pallet
Pallet New Zealand Std Pallet PLZ pallet-do-not-use-2 Pallet
Plts Plts pallets pallet-do-not-use-3 Pallet
Piece Piece PC piece-do-not-use Piece
TEU Twenty foot container TEU TEU teu-do-not-use TEU
Tonne (1000 kg) Tonne TO tonne-do-not-use Tonne